Fruit and vegetable songWe've just added another new song to the booklet. This one's about making sure that you eat your five fruit and vegetables a day. 

A new, short, exercise based on sucessive fourths, and with words about cookies. Not the sort which store information on your computer, but the ones that you can eat. 

Basically the words are 'cookies', with a quick reference to chocolate chip or oatmeal and raisin flavours (these are British cookies, not the American catch-all words for biscuits). 

It fits into the book towards the end, and I hope that it provides a bit of light relief as it's short and sweet. Literally. 

As always, and for a limited time (but we don't know when the limit will expire), if you want a copy, give me an email. 

Our new song about Trifle is a study in extended thirds. 

A new exercise! This one is about sweetcorn and peas, but also about becoming agile in fast notes. There will be two versions of the song: one with lots of words, one-syllable-per-note and the other with many notes per syllable. The first exercise teaches the notes, the second uses that knowledge. 

These 'runs' are the sort of thing that you get a lot of in Baroque music, but they also require the sort of virtuosity that you might get in jazz and improvised theatre singing, so it's a skill that's worth learning.

There's the secondary requirement of good breath control.


There are, of course, literally millions of songs that you can sing. 

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